5th Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day 2023 in Bern

5th Swiss Ortho­geriatrics Day

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Save the Date: Tuesday, 12.09.2023 | 10.00 - 19.00
Auditorium Ettore Rossi (Children's Hospital), Inselspital Bern, University Hospital

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4th Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day 2022 in Basel

4th Swiss Ortho­geriatrics Day


Impressions of the 4th Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day on 03.11.2022 in Basel


Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day 2022 in Basel

Dear colleagues,
Ladies and gentlemen 

The 1st « Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day Bern » was a great success, with around 190 participants from 16 different cantons in Switzerland. All occupational groups involved in the treatment of the elderly were represented, and we had a rich and informative interdisciplinary exchange. On Thursday the 31st of October, we were able to build on our previous success with the 2nd « Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day ».

After a break in 2021 due to the pandemic situation, we were able to hold the 3rd « Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day » on 27.10.2021 as a pure attendance event. It was also new that we organized the OGD for the first time in Zurich at the University Hospital at a different location. The two regional hosts, Prof. Dr. Bischoff-Ferrari and Prof. Dr. Pape, succeeded in mobilizing about 100 participants from 15 cantons with an attractive program and highly qualified speakers. A heartfelt thank you.

The « 4th Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day (OGD) » took place in Basel under the local leadership of Prof. Dr. Kressig and Prof. Dr. Suhm with the focus on co-management. On the one hand with the focus on networking possibilities on different levels and on the other hand in the context of a roundtable on the topic of health policy. During the coffee break, your scientific contributions were presented in a poster exhibition. The working group around PD Dr. med. Michael Dietrich, eMBA HSG, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Orthopaedics, Hand and Trauma Surgery Stadtspital Zurich won the poster prize endowed with 200 CH on the topic "The surgical treatment of periprosthetic, proximal femur fractures using an inverted, contralateral LISS plate in a geriatric patient collective". Congratulations!

You can find impressions here.

Your hosts  in Basel 2022,

Prof. Dr. med. J. D. Bastian, Prof. Dr. med. Reto W. Kressig and Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Suhm

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